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Get your company on the path to success

Strategize. Organize. Globalize.


Regulations, procedures, commodity prices, business relationships – all in flux. 


More than ever, Sureties and Insurance companies need more information and analysis. You need more than an agent or broker -  you need specialists with 25 years of experience to help you stay on top of this!

You need Petro-Marine.


Plugging and abandonment will occur. So will demands for performance guarantees, from federal, state and municipal governments, from your business partners, from your lenders, from your investors. 


You face a myriad of financial assurance challenges that could strain any company including: the upfront funding of these liabilities; the over assessment of abandonment costs; having various situations occur causing double bonding – or worse; demands made to you to perform in the short term while getting your bonds released could take many months, even years, keeping your collateral tied up. 

We understand and can help you!

  • Plugging and Abandonment Bonds (State and Federally Mandated)

  • Strategic Consulting Services -meeting BOEM and BSEE Requirements.

  • Right-of-way Bonds

  • Performance Bonds (Service Contracts and Drilling)

  • Areawide Bonds

  • Supplemental Bonds

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